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300H Yoga Teacher Training with Raj


November 2024 - January 2025 - March 2025

300H Yoga Alliance certified teacher training with Raj

- 100H: Intermediate to Advanced asanas, Philosophy, Pranayama & Meditation

- 100H: 3 yoga styles - Core, Detox, Strong flows & Ayurveda

- 100H: 3 yoga styles - Hips Opening, Shoulders Opening & Yin Yoga

Join Raj for an 300-hour Yoga teacher training.

Embark on an extraordinary 300-hour Teacher Training Course with Raj, designed to

elevate your yoga personal practice or teaching across a spectrum of styles and philosophies.

This advanced & comprehensive program takes you into advanced aspects of yoga, including Intermediate to Advanced Asanas, Different types of flows and Sequencing, Philosophy, Pranayama, and Meditation. Enhance your understanding and capability to adjust and sequence complex asanas, while deepening your anatomical knowledge and integrating

transformative meditation techniques.

The program allows flexibility, offering participants the option to engage with any of the

three 100-hour modules independently or complete the entire curriculum for a holistic


- The first module delves into advanced asanas, yoga philosophy, and the integration of

pranayama and meditation, enhancing both personal practice and teaching skills.

- The second module focuses on dynamic Yoga styles—Core, Detox, Strong

Flows—and incorporates Ayurveda to guide students toward resilience and holistic


- The third module covers Hip and Shoulder Opening and Yin Yoga, emphasizing safe

practice techniques and the enrichment of yoga philosophy.

This 300-hour certification, accredited by Yoga Alliance, allows you to deepen your

personal practice and represents another milestone in your self-discovery journey.

It also enables you to teach with confidence and depth, promoting a comprehensive

understanding of yoga’s physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

What to expect:

100H MODULE 1:


Unlock new intermediate to advanced asanas to deepen your practice and/or teaching. Learn

how to adjust and sequence them while building anatomical knowledge. Also go beyond

physical practice by learning more about the roots of yoga and how to integrate pranayama & meditation, in order to have a complete and transformative experience of yoga.

100H MODULE 2:


Learn all about those 3 styles of dynamic and challenging yoga flows. From anatomy to

perfecting teaching techniques, you’ll master not only your own practice but also be equipped

to guide students toward strength, resilience and empowerment. Understand how Ayurveda

can enhance yoga practice and deepen your knowledge about the body's needs for detox and holistic well-being.

100H MODULE 3:


Learn all about those 3 styles of yoga which involve the most complex parts of the body and

require specific knowledge to guide safe practice. Specific techniques to approach such

practices will be developed in depth though anatomy & breakdowns, to balanced sequencing

& teaching. All while incorporating the wisdom of yoga philosophies such as the Bhagavad

Gita to enrich practice and understanding.

Practical info :


Module 1: November 2024

Module 2: January 2025

Module 3: March 2025


🇧🇪BRUSSELS - Yoga Room Defacqz

Price & Tuition :

We offer a general discount if you take 3 or 2 modules, see below.

Early Bird Price :

Full Price :

*Early bird price applies if the registration and the full payment are made before 30th September 2024 for Module 1, 31 st December 2024 for Module 2 and 31 st January 2025 for Module 3.

* A non refundable 500€ deposit per module will be asked in order to secure your spot, and will be deductible of your final price.

** Payment Plan available upon request

Meet the Teacher :

Raj Bala

Teaching yoga since 2003, I am trained in Ashtanga, Hatha, Flow and Hot yoga. I am certified Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Hours. I am passionate about teaching other aspects of yoga such as Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation. Dedicated to the discipline, I challenge my students to reach their physical and mental potential. My hard working and motivated personality welcomes new opportunities to succeed and to share yoga with others. Having an appreciation for knowledge, tradition and culture, I have taught around India and China.


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