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30H Face Yoga Teacher Training with Dana

LISBOA⎮9 - 12 MAY 2024

Learn Face Yoga with Dana and become a certified teacher

Join this Face Yoga teacher training with the incredible Dana !

What is Face Yoga ?

Face Yoga is a non-invasive, natural and efficient practice, which acts as a anti-aging revolution. Simply, it is a sequence of Yoga postures (asana) - as we would find in a regular Yoga class, but using facial expressions : this improves the appearance of the face and gives a feeling of general well-being.

The face Yoga method is a unique technique in order to fight against the effect of aging with time : it is focused on your facial expressions and movements, and it teaches you to train your muscles in order to create a firmer and stronger face. Also, conscious deep breathing are well known in order to improve the blood circulation to the skin.

With a regular practice, students see changes in their face, and wrinkles start to smooth. The result is a young, radiant and glowing skin : this will give a strong feeling of confidence and a new awareness from within.

Practical information :

Date : 9 -12 May 2024

Location: Yoga Room Lisboa


  • Early bird : 645€ ( registration and full paiement before March 9th, 2024)

  • Full price : 750€

* A non refundable 200€ deposit will be asked in order to secure your spot, and will be deductible of your final price.

** Payment plan available upon request

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