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Lita Sattva

Lita's life has been a journey of discovery, passion, and transformation, all sparked by her discovery of yoga at the age of seventeen. Initially, she began her yoga journey with Hatha and meditation and spent five years fully dedicated to this method. However, an inner calling prompted her to seek a more physically demanding asana practice, and she eventually fell in love with the Ashtanga Yoga system, which she has been practising ever since. While Lita initially combined her passion for yoga with acting, she gradually found herself drawn more to yoga, which remained a constant guiding force in her life. After moving to London, she had the opportunity to explore different types of yoga, including Dharma yoga, Rocket Vinyasa, Yogasana, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Jivamukti, among others. The Rocket practice resonated most deeply with her, capturing her heart. As Lita's daily yoga practice grew stronger and more consistent, she experienced significant changes in her life. Eventually, she made the decision to dedicate herself fully to yoga and leave behind her acting pursuits. To deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga, Lita has travelled extensively throughout Europe, the US, and India, studying with incredible teachers. Lita has been practising, studying, and assisting her teacher David Kyle for almost six years, and in 2021, she received Level 3+ certification from the Progressive Ashtanga Yoga School. Since then, she has been hosting Rocket teacher training, workshops, and retreats based on the Progressive Ashtanga method, sharing her passion and knowledge of yoga with others. Through her own transformative journey with yoga, Lita has come to believe that this beautiful practice is accessible to all. She is committed to facilitating this journey for others to the best of her abilities and inspiring them to live a yogic lifestyle. Ultimately, her goal is to share the transformative power of yoga with as many people as possible.

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