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FINISHED - Deep Relaxation and Tibetan Singing Bowls (EN)

BRUSSELS - 18 June 2022

Learn the magic of Tibetan Singing Bowls paired with deep relaxation

What will I learn in this training?

This training will give you a comprehensive experience with the singing bowls. You'll first experience how the singing bowls impact you in different ways.

After gaining understanding of the mechanism, participants will quickly pickup skills in playing the singing bowls through lots of hands-on practises.

At the same time learn to identify the different kinds of singing bowls, sound characters and their tangible impacts to us.

- How the sound characters, pitches of the singing bowls affect us

- The many ways of holding the singing bowls, the playing sticks and the mallets

- The different ways of sound production with the singing bowls to achieve the desired results

- How to select singing bowls for yourself and how to build the collection

- How sound healing works - the science, art and spirit of sound healing

* Chakra System

* Running a sound session

This training will be given in English and French.

Practical information :

When ?

Saturday 18 June 2022

9h30 - 17h30


200 EUR

Meet the teacher :


Arti was born and raised in Nepal. From the very beginning, life in Nepal sensitized her to Yoga, energy work and spirituality. Healers and Yogis were part of Arti's nurturing community close to the rhythms of nature, where Yoga, Sound healing ,massage and energy work is daily practiced. This environment led her discover the field of yoga, healing through touch, sound and energy work.

In addition, Arti is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, and has studied Ayurvedic Yoga massage therapy and Chinese Medicine. Arti offers attunement and healing in Tibetan singing bowl therapy in Vedic and Tibetan way, practices integrated healing massage and has years of experience in Meditation and Yogic practices.


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