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FINISHED - Tweens and Teens Yoga Teacher Training (EN)

BRUSSELS - 13-17 August 2022

‘Blossoming Tweenies & Tuning into Teens’ (Teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to 9-18 years)

Our fabulous preteens and teens are the special population that need and benefit from yoga and mindfulness the most. A delicate and tender time in their lives largely influenced by the huge changes taking place both internally and externally.

What to expect?

This training provides a solid foundation of practical knowledge and relevant skills to enable EACH participant to engage, empower and support this diverse age group. Delivered through a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to explore age-appropriate yogic and mindfulness tools. The training is facilitated with a balance of theory and embodied knowledge in a fun, creative, informative and interactive format.

Karen is deeply passionate and motivated to guide tweens and teens to take yoga, ‘off the mat’ and into their daily lives. Once confident and comfortable to apply the tools and practices this becomes ‘yoga in action’. Empowered with a variety of skills they are then better equipped to navigate school stress and pressure. With the dramatic increase in both anxiety and depression in our youth, the ability to self-regulate and manage difficult emotions as they arise is essential.

Sustainable coping mechanisms and tools that build resilience and promote positive emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing can aid in the gentle development of an internal place of refuge. A place of stillness to connect to daily helps to cultivate inner peace and stability from which to support ongoing stress management.

This role requires authenticity, humility, compassion and a great sense of humour from which to gain their trust, confidence and respect at this vulnerable time. It will be the participants' ability to be light, creative, engaging and fun that will be their motivation to return each week. Inspiring tweens and teens to experience the value of making time to relax, play and connect with one another in their busy lives is deeply rewarding.

Become a much needed, ‘lighthouse’ by shining a light on the knowledge and practical tools that will truly support them in their daily lives.

Training Content

· Tuning into ‘Preteens’ & ‘Teens’

· Benefits of yoga & mindfulness

· Developmental stages

· Neuroscience of the preteen & teen brain

· Multiple intelligence theory

· Yoga anatomy & physiology

· Yoga philosophy

· Class elements & structure

· Behaviour management

· Mindfulness meditations & activities

· Mudras

· Breathing practices

· Yoga poses, sequencing & safety

· Sun & moon salutes

· Partner & group poses

· Yoga games & themed activities

· Anxiety tool box

· Blossoming goddesses & peaceful warriors

· Sleep, relaxation and yoga nidra

· Creative expression & journaling

· Exploring the chakras

· Practice teaching

· Class creation

· Yoga in school and all settings

· The Biz and being a ‘yogipreneur’

Who is this training for?

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, yoga teacher, trainee, practitioner, educational professional this training offers continuing education? Health care professionals, therapists, social workers and child psychologists can find inspiration and techniques to share in the workplace. Introducing yoga and mindfulness into the lives of preteens and teens supports their mental, emotional, physical health and wellbeing giving them tools for life. It is recommended that you have at least one year of personal practice that informs a basic understanding and experience of the fundamental yoga poses.

Practical information :

When ?

13 - 17 August, 2022

8:00 - 17:00


Early Bird* : 1.000 EUR (until July 25th, 2022)

Regular Price* : 1.200 EUR

* A non refundable 200€ deposit will be asked in order to secure your spot, and will be deductible of your final price.

Meet the teacher :


Karen Wightman is the Founder and Senior Trainer of ‘Creative Yogis’ a vibrant and passionate yoga & mindfulness provider. She is both a local and international children’s yoga instructor, advisor, teacher trainer and children’s art teacher with more than 20 years of experience. Karen first began practicing yoga in Thailand in 1995 and initially assisted in children’s yoga classes under the guidance of her teacher Justin Herold in the Iyengar Yoga School in Bangkok in 2003. She then went on to coordinate a 3-year programme at Satit Kaset International Program in Bangkok.

In 2006, Karen moved to Australia to immerse herself fully in the study of yoga with Master Teacher Nicky Knoff where she completed her first RYT 200 hours teacher training in the Knoff system. She met world-famous Rachel Zinman in 2007 and finally completed her second teacher training in the Ishta System becoming a RYT 500 hours in 2014 after a period of extensive study.

Karen has continued to develop her skills in children’s yoga ongoingly since 2007 training with a number of leading teachers and pioneers in the field. Kylie Peters of ‘Simply Kids’, Christy Brock Miele of ‘Yoga 4 Teens’, Lorainne Rushton of ‘Zenergy Yoga 4 Kids’ and Charlotta Martinus of ‘Teen Yoga Foundation’.

Currently based in the United Kingdom since 2020, Karen facilitates local and international teacher trainings and workshops in Australia, Japan, Europe as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai in collaboration with Pure Yoga. When Karen is not a ‘travelling yogi’ she spends her time teaching the children and teens that continue to inspire her work. Her mission is to empower children and teens with yogic and mindfulness tools that promote holistic health and wellbeing to enable them to thrive and shine their full potential


Will I be able to teach right after I graduate from this 48-hour Tween & Teen Training?

Yes. All the course materials taught in this course prepare students with all the foundational knowledge and skills needed to become tween and teen yoga teachers. Some students take it to deepen their own personal practice, kick-start a life transformational experience, while others do it to immediately start a teaching career. Students from our training begin teaching friends, family, moving into part-time teaching in studios, schools and then full-time teaching.

Will I receive a certificate after the programme?

Upon successful completion of the programme and following the Code of Conduct students will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ (Yoga Alliance Accredited) from Creative Yogis for this teacher training programme.

Prerequisites for the course?

It is recommended that you have a minimum of one year’s yoga practice prior to joining. This is encouraged as it enables you to have a basic understanding of the foundational poses and terms and maximises your overall learning experience.

How do I become a RCYT (Registered Children Yoga Teacher)?

You will need to complete the full 95HR RCYT program and be a RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance to be eligible. On completion of the additional requirements of 30 hours of teaching practice with the full 95-hour certificate students may then upgrade to the specialty designation of RCYT. This is a simple automated process and once your information is logged and the certificate uploaded, your lead trainer will be contacted by email to approve your request. Each individual student is responsible for this process and on approval will be able to add the RCYT designation to their credentials. However, a 200-Hour RYT training can be done either prior to or after the training.


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