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Marta Bulik

Marta is a certified yoga teacher, wellness& transformative coach and embodiment facilitator with over 1000h of teacher trainings in India, Bali and Europe, both in yoga and embodiment. She is currently studying to become body psychotherapist and hypnotherapist to complement the methods she already uses as certified transformative coach.

Her self development journey has started in 2008 and evolved from mindfulness meditation, tool she used to battle severe depression after loosing her mum to cancer and then started practicing yoga in 2010 as her healing journey continued.

She completed her first teacher training in 2016 in Goa, India, and started teaching straight away. The following year she left her career at the European Institutions and traveled the world for one year, while teaching yoga in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Laos and Philippines. Since then she completed several trainings, including yoga therapy in India and embodiment training in Bali, and never stopped teaching, spending hundreds of hours every year with her students: guiding, observing, and learning power of human body-mind connection.

She is fascinated by the area of body psychotherapy, somatic approaches and how body awareness influences our lives.

Marta’s classes combine a blend of traditional yoga and meditation without dogmatic approach, with modern knowledge around body awareness, somatics and trauma, so it can help her students to feel themselves in order to start the healing journey. She encourages her students to respect the needs of their own individual bodies.

Marta truly believes that yoga can serve as a tool for healing and integrating body and mind, as every time we step on the mat, we have the opportunity to meet ourselves truly.


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