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FINISHED - The Power of SoundHealing Training, Level I

A Training in Healing with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls with Shannon van Staden and Lama Brian Hilliard

SEPTEMBER 11th & 12th, 2021

The training presents a gentle and complete introduction to the universe of Alchemy Crystal Bowls. You will learn an extraordinary Healing Practice which uses the bowls effectively for one-self, friends & family, clients, students and the greater environment.

The training includes the theory and practice of sound. You will practice the power of sound, mixing it with the personal intention to shift and transform problems of sickness, anxiety, fear, loss, broken heart, and all the daily challenges we face.

The training is specially designed for therapists, physicians, yoga teachers, healers, and those interested in personal transformation practices. The result is the discovery of an inspiring new healing modality that you can deepen and expand wherever it is needed in your life.

At the core of the training is the Healing Practice which combines singing the sound of seed syllables, pure crystal sound vibration you create from the Alchemy Crystal Bowls, visualisations, intention and the samadhi of deeply resting. In this way, you tune in completely to your own power of healing. The practice is accessible to anyone who desires well-being, transformation or increased ability to work with others.



  • Introduction to Alchemy Crystal Bowls

  • Theory of Crystal Sound

  • Getting to know the bowls and techniques for playing

  • The Healing Practice with the Power of Crystal Sound, Part 1 – The Sound of AH


  • The Healing Practice with the Power of Crystal Sound, Part 2 – The Sound of OM

  • A Study of Harmonics and Binaural Beats

  • The Healing Practice with the Power of Crystal Sound, Part 3 – The Sound of HŪM

Day 2


  • The Chakras and Endocrine System

  • The practice of listening and receiving

  • The Healing Practice with the Power of Crystal Sound, Part 4 – The Sound of RAM


  • The Healing Practice with the Power of Sound, Part 5 – The Sound of DZA

  • Q&A’s

  • Final Exam

  • Individual Performances and Concluding Symphony

  • Certificate of Completion will be sent to you


Date: September 11th & 12th, 2021 Time: 9AM- 12.30pm & 2PM – 5.30PM each day Place: Yoga Room – Stockel Pricing: €550 (early bird price at 480 € until July 31st, 2021)


Please book and pay your training spot directly through Yoga Room only after paying and pre-ordering your Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Crystal Bowls from Shannon van Staden.

Click here for more information about Shannon’s training and about the Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Crystal Bowls.

To join the training you are required to have at least one Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Crystal Bowl.

Bowls are pre-ordered and paid directly with Shannon van Staden –

You are welcome to pre-order your personal bowl (s) without doing the training.


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